About the institute

The Collapsible Institutes
Invites YOU…

To contribute to the mapping of all possible parallel universes
where alternative post-history gods rule their cryptic pre-mystery heavenly places…

and fairytale dustballs collect on cases of magical-science books
bound with reactionary alchemy rods
clasped shut with heavy brass hooks from old decommissioned jokes
dense with fictional factoids that claim to once have known how to calculate
the increasingly improbable odds
that under the right circumstances
such a map
might be able to exploit
some unknown sequence of loopholes
and trigger the launch sequence
for all the millions of escapist pods
that are already pre-programmed and fully-equipped
to float us over
to whatever alternative reality
speaks softly to you in the darkness of space
cuts through all the fences
and all the cake layers of auto-defenses
that surround
your definition
of utopia…


is a finale…

an end to end all ends.