The Belly Of The Beast

A Sculptural Installation out of recicled materials

photographed at the Junque Show in the Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka CA.

In the Belly of the Beast is a small terratium where a seed sprouts, even in the most unexpected environment, it grows.


The Weight On Our Shoulders

This sculptural installation featuring a character made of an old scale with a globe for a hat balancing¬† a giant trunk containing the enigmatic “Enforced Depletium Simplex”

The Shesh Best Loom Calculator

A Sculptural Installation of a loom based on a giant 3D backgammon (shesh besh) board. The Loom records the moves of the game as the players of the two side weave through eachother and onto the garment.

The Sub Standard Listening Room to host the The Dreamaginarium of Dr. Persey V. Further Divinatory Puppet Performance

The Collapsible Red Tea Party

Don’t Play the Hater, Love the Game

The Brine Shrine at the Autonomous Mutant Festival

The Game Ogre Alley Installation

The burning of the baskets Eclipsicle Gathering