Graphic Novel?

There was a short stint in 2018 where the idea of making a graphic novel with Ancient civilization and sci-fi alien themes surfaced… it felt overwhelmingly heavy and went back to the fermentation chamber, but some sample drawings made it through the test of time waiting for the green light to resurface…






3 songs and counting…

been working through the winter finishing up and mixing down these years old tracks:

3 (out of 7) songs published so far:

recording is hard work but not as daunting as mixing – it is a slow process for to take on for your own music, but gratifying to hear the outcome

Brine Xrine




Annual art installation at the Autonomous Mutant Festival which involves a ceremonial performance around a community serving of soup.

Brine Xrine 2022

Biting Through is Hexagram 21 in the I-Ching. Relates to exacting judgement in a just way, so that confidence in the system is maintained and respected.

Brine Xrine 2019

Brine Xrine 2018

Reading the hexagram after the ceremonial soup service performance.


DIgital Collage collection

All the hours and days and years of graphic poster and flyer design have yielded quite a collection of digital photoshop collages that is Stands on its own without the textual data. Of course some political and social justice subplot emerges.

The Gold Fish Casino

I am proud to say it is finally finished!

It has been many years now working with Sarolta Vey Cump and many other amazing queer water creatures.

From play to motion picture, from music and production design, to sets and costumes, to editing and animating… I’ve been watering this project for so long its nice to see it finally take off.

it is beautiful , it is inspiring… it premiered at the SF Transgender Film Festival, and will hopefully be available to a wider audience very soon.

Kirsten Brydum Memorial Mural

Had the honor to bring to life this idea that formed around Kirstens memorial and her work on Collective Autonomy at the Clarion Alley in San Francisco Mission district


Quote is by LAO TZU:

Noting in the world is as soft as weak as water

Nothing else can wear away stone and remain unchanged

Soft overcomes Hard

Weak overcomes Strong


Kirsten Brydum Memorial – Mural SF