Perseverance Furthers

This Puppet show explores narratives based on elements of the Yi-Ching Book of changes and the Divinatory system it embodies.

The main Character, Dr. Persey V. Further is a scientist specializing in the general field of Change, which ends up looking a lot like a fortune teller. They are a life size puppet made mostly out of recycled furniture parts, built around a Chandelier like core structure of a Yi-Ching Hexagram.

Partial performance elements of Perseverance Furthers participated in the Arcata PuppetSlam of 2022 and 2023.

The weight on our shoulders

This sculptural installation at the Brenda Tuxford Gallery in Eureka was part of BackCountry MetaVerse, a group show exploring connections between AI / Virtual Realities and the ongoing degradation of our Natural Physical world.

The old scale under the fashionized Globe indicates the sad state of affairs our tangible natural world is experiencing under the weight of the Militarized trunk full of an enigmatic substance “Enforced Depletium Simplex”

Shesh Besh Loom Calculator

It was my pleasure to conceive and co-

curate this group show at Ink Poople Center For The Arts Brenda Tuxford Gallery in Eureka

Here  is my contribution: The Shesh Besh Loom


Board games are a good way to pass time in between. And very few games hold the balance between luck and skill as delicately as Shesh Besh (aka BackGammon.) This millenia old stage is the scene of two tribes weaving in migration through eachother in opposing directions, their march dictated by the roll of a pair of dice.

A set of simple rules makes the flow of the game effortless… almost meditative… allowing the mind to wander free into other realms. 

Brine Xrine




Annual art installation at the Autonomous Mutant Festival which involves a ceremonial performance around a community serving of soup.

Brine Xrine 2022

Biting Through is Hexagram 21 in the I-Ching. Relates to exacting judgement in a just way, so that confidence in the system is maintained and respected.

Brine Xrine 2019

Brine Xrine 2018

Reading the hexagram after the ceremonial soup service performance.


The Gold Fish Casino

I am proud to say it is finally finished!

It has been many years now working with Sarolta Vey Cump and many other amazing queer water creatures.

From play to motion picture, from music and production design, to sets and costumes, to editing and animating… I’ve been watering this project for so long its nice to see it finally take off.

it is beautiful , it is inspiring… it premiered at the SF Transgender Film Festival, and will hopefully be available to a wider audience very soon.